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Maintaining Cistern


  1. How do I contact Western Water Service?

    Toby Dunham

    406 Grove Ave

    Newcastle, WY 82701

    (307)941-1180 call or text


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Cistern cleaning

  1. How do you clean my cistern?

    The first step is turning power off to well pump.  Then pumping out all remaining water in cistern.  This allows me to go down inside removing all contaminates inside with my trusty wet-dry vacuume.  Give the walls a good scrubbing with a brush and a gallon of vinegar. The last step is rinsing everything down and vacuuming everything out again!  Once I am top side again, the remainder of water is put into the cistern.  The pump can then be turned back on and you are good to go.

  2. How long will I be without water?

    This will depend on how clean your cistern is to start with but most times under 2 hours.

  3. What is a Portland Cement coating?

    Portland Cement is excellent in sealing cisterns.  The finished product looks like porcelain.  I find that cisterns without this coating have more pits in the walls from erosion and cracks.  This coating also will protect the seam in the middle of the cistern half.  It is a good half day job and needs to dry over night with ventilation.

  4. What is Wall-Tite

    Basiclly the same as Portland Cement but thiner coating with less grit and a membrain type layer.  Half day job curing over night.

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Water Delivery

  1. Are you the only Bulk Potable Water Delivery Service in the Black Hills?

    With the best water and reliable service - Baisically yes. 

  2. Will you deliver water to me?

    YES! YES! YES!

  3. Do you have a licence to haul water?

    Yes!  Wyoming Department of Agriculture "Bulk Water Handling"

    Yes!  Tanker entorcement

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Maintaining Cistern

  1. How do I best maintain my cistern?

    Every load of water put into the cistern needs a touch of Chlorine.  This formula can be found online.

    To keep contaminates out of your cistern keep the man hole lid on at all times. Also use a closed polymer weather stripping around the lid.  I sell lids with PVC collars in them if you do not have a stand pipe.

    Make it a habit to check the level though the stand pipe "fill hole" this can be done with a wireless level gauge transmitted to your house, wood stick, or a bobber on a string. "makes waves to break up reflections"  What ever works for you. 

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