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Toby Dunham (307)941-1180 [email protected]

 Based in Newcastle, Wyoming

 Delivering 1,200 gallons of bulk potable drinking water every trip.

How many wasted trips have you made just for water? I can help!

Just need extra help when you have guests? I can help!

When your truck breaks down or needs repairs? I can help!

Afraid to look in your cistern? I can help!

Building Better

Tired of lids breaking, poor seal around lid, and how heavy they are?

Using a 4" PVC collar in the lid means no need to remove lid to check level.

I know how to keep your cistern sealed! 

PolyLok makes a nice riser & lid that slips right over your 20" riser found on most cisterns.

A bober float is a great way to check the level.

Seal lids with a closed cell polymer weather striping.

Want a Magnet for the fridge??? Just ask!!!


Welcome to Western Water Service!  The company you can count on!

Western Water Service is a quick & convenient Bulk Drinking Water Delivery Service in The Black Hills, Wyoming & South Dakota.  Haul tanks only hold Potable Water, also tested Bi-Annually.  Every load is treated to keep everyone safe, just enough you may never taste it.  Every connection made is first washed with chlorine to ensure safety.

If you are looking for the most cost-effective and safest way to get bulk water delivered, this is your solution!  Meet Toby Dunham; remember the name as I offer you the best Bulk Water Delivery solutions, with prompt worry free Drinking Water Delivery.

This is a comprehensive Drinking Water Delivery Service. I take pride in fast customer service, and quality workmanship. These are just some of many reasons why Western Water Service has been one of the most trusted, preferred and recommended Bulk Water Delivery companies in The Black Hills, Wyoming & South Dakota.


Western Water Service is based in Newcastle, Wyoming.  I specialize in Bulk Drinking Water, Pool Fill, Hot Tub Fill, Emergency Water needs. I will give you peace of mind as I help offer solutions.  Let me take care of your water needs as I will provide high quality and professional service!  This will free you from the stress of hauling heavy loads during the tourist season and in winter conditions.  I enjoy making this Water Hauling Service & Cistern Cleaning service a success.


Wyoming: Newcastle, Upton

South Dakota: Hot Springs, Custer, Spearfish, Keystone, Box Elder, Sturgis, Hermosa, Lead, Deadwood, Bell Fourche, Central City, Hill City, Edgemont, & surrounding area of Rapid City. 

Toby provides professional services and specialized equipment.  

Western Water Service is prepared for your EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT!

Please browse the website, and call Toby for any of your Water Delivery & Cistern needs!

Cistern Cleaning & Cistern Repair

Cistern Cleaning & Sanitizing is a big part of what I do.  Now offering a Cistern Cleaning Guarantee to pass water test.

Needing new riser or lid?  Not a problem parts on hand.

Cistern Cleaning should really be done before that water test fails.... but calling me after is ok I will get you back in check! 

This is not just a Tank Cleaning this is a process of getting all contamination out of your Cistern.  Every little spec of sand and in some cases BUGS, FROGS, MICE.... will be dealt with.  Look inside your hauling tank.  Does it have allege in it? YES! Well my tank is tested monthly and I take my own Tank Cleaning SERIOUSLY!  Washed twice a year and shocked twice a year.  If it needs more attention it gets it!

Cistern Layout with well pit:

Some variations may have above ground well pit.

Each variation has its draw backs & advantages.  


Did you know

This tank is inspected and certified annually by the Wyoming Department of Agriculture.

The tank is pressure washed twice Annually or after any time entered.

The water source is tested monthly. 

Each load is chlorinated to the minimum requirement for maximum safety!

What can I do for YOU?

Deliver Potable Drinking Water:

When you are at HOME or AWAY
Available most days 
Gravity Fill or Pump Off 

Cistern Cleaning & Repair:

Riser & Stand Pipe Repair

Mobile Pressure Washing:

My Philosophy

A cistern is used to store drinking water! If you're not drinking the water, your cistern needs maintenance.